Why the name ‘breadboard’?

In the early days of electronics, people would drive nails and screws into a wooden cutting board to connect their circuits!

On Thursday October 26th, STEM Sorority kicked off with our first event of the year with a breadboard circuits lab! With many of our members in grade 10 and below, this was a perfect chance for them to see if physics is their cup of tea. 

After a brief lecture covering the direction of conductive path in each section, members were divided into groups of two and provided a set of parts to work with. First, everyone had a chance to make a circuit in parallel and series. Then, to make things a little more interesting, switches and more bulbs were added. 

By the end of our session, everyone learned a thing or two about making and diagnosing problems in circuits involving a breadboard. And next time someone asks why breadboards are named as they are, our members will know why!

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